Sexuality is a complex, wide and potentially wonderful world. Our culture gives us wildly confusing messages about it. On one hand we are stimulated and teased by it virtually everywhere we look. On the other, there is a poverty of real information about it. Most doctors, educators, parents, even therapists rarely speak of it in a meaningful way. Even couples themselves don’t talk about it, out of fear, shame, or the simple belief that they are “supposed to know” much more than they do. So where do young people “learn” about sex? Nowadays, largely from porn and Hollywood, which are hardly realistic portrayals.

Sexuality encompasses so many parts of us: body, emotion, relationship, operating together or not. It can be a wondrous source of pleasure and joy; and/or devastating, and very confusing. It is my wish to contribute to better understanding about it, so we can manage and enjoy our own better!

Pandemic – An Upstream Look At #MeToo

“Two country people were fishing in a river. As they fished and talked, they saw a child floating down the river dangerously close to the rushing waterfall. Fearing the child would drown, one of them jumped in the river and brought the child safely to the bank. But soon there

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A Sense of Self

People, Place, and Brain In our apartment building in New York, everyone seemed to have numbers on their arms, sad eyes and thick German accents. My great Aunt Gertrud would take me to the park in my stroller. She called me a “dickopf “ (fathead) because I was such a

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