Since I began my work with trauma I have been on a mission, to speed up the arduous task of trauma and neglect recovery. It is bad enough to go through these experiences in the first place. But in addition, having to spend years and lots of money and effort, to recover seems an insufferable injustice! This is why I have so many different certifications. I studied and practiced each reputable new methodology that arrived on the scene. In my view neurofeedback, which I began to study and practice in 2010, was and still is, the best yet.

Neurofeedback is a form of brain training. Essentially it teaches the brain the correct, regulated rhythms that were distorted by trauma and neglect. One of the great advantages of neurofeedback, in my view, is that you can work at trauma healing with minimal talk. So many clients who finally show up at my door, are sick to death or can’t bear to verbalize about their tired old stories. Neurofeedback works without talking, and often creates a state where the story becomes more accessible, interesting and fruitful. That is a win!


Labor and Delivery

Feedback, Sound, and Anticipation Although I am not a mom, I somehow have an image of a small overnight bag, standing by the door. I don’t know if it is an actual memory of when my mother was getting ready to have my beloved little sister. I was only two

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Old Dog New Tricks: Enter Neurofeedback

“Attachment is the fundamental drive in human beings. It is a drive that brings aggression and sexuality to its defense and to its enhancement, and it is the precursor to human love. It is gained through the delicate interplay of vocal tone and facial expression, through body to body communication,

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