One Becomes Two: Two Books Are Better Than One

After much reflection, I’ve made a decision about my next book project. I thought I could write a book intended for therapists about how to work with clients who had been neglected as children that, using accessible language, would also be valuable to non-therapists. The audience would have also included “children of neglect,” as well as their partners and other loved ones.

I’ve now changed that plan, and will write a second volume so “children of neglect” can have their own book.

Many of these children—now adults—were ignored as they grew up, or treated as an afterthought, or forced to prematurely play adult roles. A book addressed to them would explore the experiences they missed, and those they endured.

I do not in any way mean to suggest that therapists should get their own book because they are more “adult” than their clients. However, therapists look for different information and perspective in books that deal with subjects like these.

I still intend to do my utmost to make the clinical book accessible to all. My agreement with my publisher mandates that it comes first, with the estimated time of arrival being summer 2020. The “popular” book will follow on its heels.

I hope that you will read both.