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My name is Ruth Cohn. I am a psychotherapist living and practicing in the San Francisco Bay Area. I have been specializing in work with survivors of trauma and neglect, their intimate partners and families since 1988.

I am a Certified Sex Therapist, certified in Neurofeedback, EMDR, Sensorimotor Psychotherapy and Imago Relationship Therapy. I am also the author of two books: Working With the Developmental Trauma of Childhood Neglect: Using Psychotherapy and Attachment Theory Techniques in Clinical Practice and Coming Home to Passion: Restoring Loving Sexuality in Couples With Histories of Childhood Trauma and Neglect; and numerous articles on sexuality, trauma and neglect.

On this site I share helpful information about trauma and neglect, and shed light on the impact that it can have on relationship, sexuality, and life in general, long after the experiences may have stopped. I hope this site will be a help to you!

What you will find on this site

  • Information on how you can get help for the lasting impact that trauma and neglect can have on relationship, sexuality, and life in general
  • Help for healing from sexual problems related to trauma and neglect
  • Resources, articles and ideas of where to get help
  • My weekly blog where I share current thinking

Featured Blogs


A Quiet War Hubris, Humility, Regulation

For me, a dark secret, fiercely off limits to anyone, even my therapist (until very recently,) has been the silent but fraught world of sleep. Although I remember sadly little about my childhood, I do remember the welcome, early discovery of masturbation as a way to get to sleep and

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Dark and Light – Refuge, Glory, Hope

(This article contains content about suicide. If you or anyone you know experiences suicidal thoughts or impulses, please call your local suicide hotline or emergency services.) “…the thought of suicide is a great consolation: with the help of it one has got through many a bad night.” – Fredrich Nietzsche 

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sexual health

Sexual Health in Paradise Nature, Norms, Nexus

Way back at the beginning of our relationship, I remember my husband saying to me, only very slightly in jest, that there are really only three important activities to do on vacation: “eat, sleep and make love.” At the time, now over thirty years and many vacations ago, that was

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My Free E-Books

I have created a number of free e-books. Some of them are chapters from my first book Coming Home to Passion. I have also started compiling books of short stories which will form the Out of My Mind Series. You can also find trauma resources that I hope you will find helpful. Feel free to browse, read, print and share!

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