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"Because NOTHING matters"

What is neglect-informed psychotherapy?

Neglect is the story of nothing, which is why it is a largely overlooked phenomenon in the trauma world and in the larger world. Thankfully we now have the category of ‘trauma-informed’, a concept that has permeated modern culture and is part of our daily vocabulary. I am on a mission to do the same with “neglect-informed”. I want to help you recognize that nothing DOES matter, so you and all survivors of neglect trauma can be heard and understood in a way that you never have before.

Neglect-informed psychotherapy offers a compassionate and comprehensive approach to identifying and addressing the lasting effects of early neglect on individuals’ mental health and well-being. As a therapist, I seek to understand how truly traumatic missing experiences were in shaping clients’ sense of self, relationships, and worldview. Neglect is a form of trauma that can lead to feelings of worthlessness, abandonment, and mistrust. Our job is to shine a light on the unnoticed and bring a voice to the unheard – because NOTHING matters!

What you will find on this site

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I have created a number of free e-books. Some of them are chapters from my first book Coming Home to Passion. I have also started compiling books of short stories which will form the Out of My Mind Series. You can also find trauma resources that I hope you will find helpful. Feel free to browse, read, print and share!